Green Innovation 2012

31 07 2012

On August 2012 the ‘Green Innovation 2012’ will take place in Taiwan where leading experts from the UK will join Taiwan’s leaders to discuss and collaborate on projects related to sustainable development. It will be an unique opportunity for the local council to work with top European experts. The event will run from 1st to 3rd August 2012.

One of the workshops will identify how leading businesses are transforming sustainability into new business opportunities and what buyers (companies and governments) are doing to manage sustainable supply chains. More and more events related to sustainable development are organised around the world. There are a lot business opportunities where environmentally elements can be used. I hope that we will witness more and more companies collaborating with governments with the aim to take care of some environmental issues.


Great source of information in Portuguese

29 07 2012

If you speak Portuguese, check out the website “Planeta Sustentavel“.

Apoie essa ideia!

Very interesting website where you can find lots of green ideas, events, researches about sustainability, wildlife and anything related to the environment. Planeta Sustentavel is a great source of information.

Environmental jobs in Australia

26 07 2012


I visited the last Career Expo that was held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre and I discovered a very interesting recruitment company that specialises in recruitment for careers related to the environment. This Australian company recruits for positions such as environmental engineers, sustainability officers, environmental advisers, waste management officers and many other similar jobs.

They also have large a list of volunteering jobs such as replanting trees at Apollo Bay on the Great Ocean Road or working at the sustainable living festival.

I have heard of recruitment agencies that are specialised in other areas such a construction, health professionals & finance but this is the first time I have come across a recruitment company specialized in environmental careers.

If you are in Australia and you are looking for a job in a field related to the environment check out the Environmental Jobs website

Companies like this deserve some support and I think it’s good if we share their website among our contacts. If you have any friends or family looking for job or willing to undertake a volunteering work supporting an eco-friendly cause, tell them about this website.


Getting inspired…

21 07 2012

Today’s post is a selection of inspiring pictures picked on the Internet. Our planet is so beautiful, let’s preserve it!

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Some pictures you can find at the

Positive posters, positive thinking!

19 07 2012

This week at work during lunch time, I was talking with my colleague and he introduced me to a website called “Positive Posters“. I didn’t know this website at all. He showed me some posters that he created. Really cool! This website has some impressive posters. It’s very inspiring to see that Australian young designers can offer a such a great quality of work. Some designs are so clever!

Via this website, designers can create posters defending causes of their choice. It’s a smart idea to link charity or environmental causes to design.

I invite you to check out the website and if you are a designer, why not take part in the next design competition? The brief has been announced on the website and the competition opens on 1st of August 2012 and closes on 30th of September 2012. It is your chance to show the world what you are capable of and what you care about! So get involved and good luck!

Top 10 eco-friendly countries

14 07 2012

The EPI (Environmental Performance Index) had listed the greenest countries in the world and released it at the annual World Economic Forum. Just for info, this environmental measurement system was developed by Yale and Columbia Universities for the World Economic Forum.

The 2012 EPI ranks 132 countries on 22 performance indicators in the following ten policy categories:

  • Environmental Health
  • Water (effects on human health)
  • Air Pollution (effects on human health)
  • Air Pollution (ecosystem effects)
  • Water Resources (ecosystem effects)
  • Biodiversity and Habitat
  • Forests
  • Fisheries
  • Agriculture
  • Climate Change

I have listed below the top 10 EPI Ranking 2012, but the full list is available on the World Economic Forum website. You can also download the full report at the Yale University website:

  1. Switzerland
  2. Latvia
  3. Norway
  4. Luxembourg
  5. Costa Rica
  6. France
  7. Austria
  8. Italy
  9. United Kingdom
  10. Sweden

After checking the full list I was astonished to not see Denmark, Germany or Canada listed in the top ten. However, Germany is not far away, listed 11th in the EPI ranking. Australia is far behind in 48th position. Some countries are known for their environmentally friendly practices like Sweden, Norway and Switzerland. Ok, they are small countries. Indeed it seems to be much easier for small countries to promote recycling, invest in renewable energy and educate people with the aim to change their behaviour.

I lived for 16 years in Geneva and I can tell you that Switzerland is very advanced in environmentally friendly practices. Busses and trams are electric or biogas powered and a huge part of the urban waste is recycled.

The Poly Recycling factory located in Weinfelden, Switzerland transforms PET bottles in to synthetic fabrics, sleeping bags, chocolate packaging and shampoo bottles. The SwissWorld website showcases what is recycled in Switzerland, from which company and what they produce with the recycled materials. In my view it is an interesting idea for many other countries and organisations.

People also sort out their recyclable materials before they place them in specific containers. When I first arrived in Australia I remember looking for where to separate my recyclable materials and I was told to put all recyclables together in a yellow bin. I admit I was confused to see that glass, PET, cans, paper were mixed together in one bin. I was accustomed to separating them in Switzerland where it is standard practice for people to separate paper, PET, cans, glass, batteries, oil, compost, coffee caps, clothes and then bring all this to a community container.

The method can differ from country to country, but the final objective is the same: RECYCLE! So let’s do it!

In the pictures below you can see examples of a community recycle containers located on a neighbourhood street in Geneva.

Photograph: Gregoire Z.

H&M is investing in sustainable fabrics

13 07 2012

I am glad to see that big fashion brands such as H&M are introducing sustainable materials in their products. I am still quite skeptical regarding their prices. How can they sell their products so cheap and provide good work conditions in their factories? I know they produce in large scale, but is the volume enough for them to make money and to provide good working conditions? I am not sure, but at least they seem care about the environment.

As consumers we have access to information that we never had before. Internet has contributed a lot to this. Many consumers also care about where and how goods are produced, what the working conditions are and what environmental effects the manufacture can cause. We have the power to contribute to the success or failure of a product.

The marketing department of H&M understood that consumers today have voice and they are broadcasting this viral campaign talking about their sustainable actions. In my view using social media marketing is a very good way to get in touch with customers and improve the brand image. I would say touch down for their marketing team!

Sweden is one of the most eco-friendly countries in the world, so it is not surprising that this great marketing initiative mixing sustainability and fashion comes from a Swedish brand. Have a look at the video.

H&M is coming to Australia!!

12 07 2012

Good news for fashionistas! After Zara it is now up to H&M to conquer the Australian market. The Swedish fashion giant will open their doors in Sydney and Melbourne. The opening of the first H&M store in Sydney is scheduled for October this year.

More info at the link below:

Eco Tourism is back!

10 07 2012

If you are planning your holidays, why not turn it in to a green trip. Eco tourism is back! The Green Traveller web site helps you to plan your next green holidays. There are inspiring ideas for all kind of trips all over the world. So many nice pictures that it makes you want to get away!

Plastic can be sustainable too

9 07 2012

A great video to be shared with all your friends!


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