Arvores de Natal Ecológicas

21 12 2012

Arvores de natal feitas de garrafas PET! Amei a ideia! São vários estilos, umas mais elaboradas outras mais simples, mas o que importa é reciclar!

17 12 2012

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If One More Woman Complains About the Size of Her Body . . .

Caitlin Kelly’s post on Broadside hit a nerve with hundreds of you.

Whining about weight teaches the girls in our lives, who look to us their role models, that this is just what women do, that focusing miserably and endlessly on our individual body size and shape is our most pressing issue as women — instead of political and economic issues that affect us all, size 00s to 24s,  like paid maternity leave or better domestic violence protection or access to birth control and abortion.

Caitlin’s post racked up the Likes, but also spawned…

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8 metas do milenio!

17 12 2012

Natal está chegando, 2012 esta acabando então que tal começar 2013 com novas resoluções ecológicas? Que tal colar cartazes divulgando como funciona reciclagem no seu trabalho, na sua escola, no seu cursinho, no seu condomínio, no clube…

Os cartazes da EcoD dão varias dicas de como preservar o meio ambiente e também divulga as 8 metas do milenio (veja imagem abaixo).

Clique no link abaixo e escolha o cartaz mais adequado com sua situação. Vamos começar o ano preservando o meio ambiente e divulgando essa ideia pra ver se a moda pega!


Last Minute Xmas presents!

17 12 2012

Xmas is almost there. Have you bought all your presents? Not yet? Here are few great ideas for eco-friendly Xmas gifts.

Watch made from sustainable wood. We Wood plant a tree for every watch sold. I love the idea and they have really cool designs. Available in some watch shops across Australia you can also buy online. I don’t know if you can get it in time for Xmas, but it is worth checking out their website.

You buy a watch, they plant a tree.

You buy a watch, they plant a tree.

Recycled skateboard jewellery can be a really cool and original eco-friendly gift.Vibrant colours, resistant material and beautiful designs, I really like the whole concept. Available in USA, Canada, Australia, Netherlands and Belgium; MapleXO really rocks!

Recycled Skateboard earrings
Skateboard_BraceletsRecycled ring

In the same theme, I also found iPhone and iPad cases made with recycled skateboards. Grovemade also have cases made with bamboo that you can personalise the way you want.

iPhone cover skateboards

iPhone cover bamboo

If you are looking for something different and useful, I think that’s a really cool gift!

Check out their website

Do you have a musician friend or your partner is a music fan? What about offering something made with recycled vinyl records? You can find clock’s, bowls, coasters, plates, all kind of things made with old recycled vinyl records. That’s groovy man! Check out these ideas!

Record clockRecords CoastersRecord Bowls

Handbag top cansThe website NOVICA in association with National Geographic has a really cool section of eco-friendly gifts that you can purchase online. They offer products made by many artists from around the world. I selected one Brazilian artist that makes handbags with soda can tops. It is really cool to see how many things you can make with such a small and insignificant item. It literally transforms bin to beauty! You can also read the full story about each artist.

What about giving a wallet made with real fire hose?Wallet fire hose Ted

Such a strong material, it was a really clever idea to re-use it making the Ted coin wallets. You can find them online at the Ecoutlet website or on the Ted website.


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