Weekly Photo Challenge: Green for me is

18 11 2012

My blog it’s all about green.

Green it’s indeed my favourite colour with yellow. It was hard to choose some pictures for my Weekly Photo Challenge, but here is my contribution for this week!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Big

16 10 2012

I decided to take part of the WordPress weekly challenge and this week the theme is BIG! So what is BIG for me? Without doubt my backpack trip around Australia!

Noosa Heads

Havaianas Australian Day Thong Challenge at Noosa Heads

I decide to share with you a big moment where thousands of people took part in the “Havaianas  Australian Day  Thong Challenge” at Noosa Heads. This was really a BIG moment to see so many people in the water at the same time trying to beat the World Record!!! That was BIG!

Call to action for Midway Island

2 10 2012

A friend of mine just shared a link on my Facebook page. I feel like I have to spread the word and speak out loud to people who actually care about their environmental impact. I was shocked after seeing this video. I think that we all should watch it and be conscientious of our acts and how harmful rubbish in landfill can be. Have a think and share the link!

For more information about the movie, the project or donations visit http://www.midwayfilm.com/

Forging deeper relationships between people and the products they buy | Guardian Sustainable Business | Guardian Professional

3 09 2012

Forging deeper relationships between people and the products they buy | Guardian Sustainable Business | Guardian Professional.

Getting inspired…

21 07 2012

Today’s post is a selection of inspiring pictures picked on the Internet. Our planet is so beautiful, let’s preserve it!

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Some pictures you can find at the http://good-wallpapers.com/

Eco Tourism is back!

10 07 2012

If you are planning your holidays, why not turn it in to a green trip. Eco tourism is back! The Green Traveller web site helps you to plan your next green holidays. There are inspiring ideas for all kind of trips all over the world. So many nice pictures that it makes you want to get away!


Outback dream

25 06 2012

Today I was pining pictures into my Pinterest board when my backpack Aussie trip came to my mind. Suddenly I was totally overwhelmed with images of wonderful moments, so many nice people I’ve met… this inspiring trip was definitely an important part of my life and this is why I’ve chosen to live in Australia. I love this country!

For this post I prepared a small picture gallery of some great moments of my trip with a great Swiss friend in the Outback.

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Good Love. Good Life. Good Luck.

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