Yoga for Peace will take place in Brazil

11 08 2012

After Times Square in New York, now it is up to Sao Paulo, in Brazil to bring together thousands of people around the Yoga theme. “Yoga pela Paz” means “Yoga for Peace” and it has the objective to promote a healthier and balanced lifestyle, raising awareness of all the benefits that yoga has for your mind and body.

Yoga pela Paz

Workshops for yoga teachers and people with advanced levels will be held during the event, but many free activities, seminars and conferences will be available for new Yoga adepts too. If you have never tried yoga before, don’t worry, this is your chance to get together and find out about the discipline. The event will run from 13th to 19th August 2012. For more information and the complete agenda from the event, please check the website Yoga pela Paz.


What a great event to be shared!

22 06 2012

Yoga at Times Square in New York city! I have some friends who are yoga fans and who are quite skilled. Personally, I don’t practice yoga, but more and more I am tempted to try it. I have done some pilates lessons and I really enjoyed it. I should restart pilates classes and maybe also add some yoga lessons. This video has just inspired me to start yoga classes!


Good Love. Good Life. Good Luck.

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