Eco-friendly kitchen

8 08 2012

Designed and eco-friendly kitchen utensils available at Sebastian Bergne website.

He is such a great designer. I love his work!




‘Everyday Objects’ from Jason Taylor

1 08 2012

To celebrate his 40th birthday, the American designer Jason Taylor came up with a new concept for 2012. The idea is to transform everyday objects in something new. Jason’s objective is to spark his imagination giving a new utility or a new form to everyday objects.

Rethink 365 new objects is a very challenging experience, but also very motivating for this experienced designer looking for creative adventures.

Personally, I think that some objects are pretty cool, but most of them I don’t see any usage. Anyway, the idea is interesting, but honestly I would expect more from an experienced designer.

You can find all objects on his blog:


Good Love. Good Life. Good Luck.

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