Crush the bottle!

31 08 2012

Many brands are investing in sustainable packaging. This year Crystal the water brand from Coca Cola Brazil has launched their new bottle made with 20% less volume PET plastic. Chemicals and Petroleum products are usually used to produce PET. The Crystal bottle is manufactured using PET plastic that contains 30% sugar cane. Thanks to the new process and technologies used, Coca Cola claims that carbon emissions are reduced by 20%.

Eco-friendly water bottle

Another advantage of the design of the new bottle is that you can crush it once you finish drinking. This crushable bottle takes 37% less volume than a conventional water bottle making it easier to be transported and stocked by companies that collect and recycle PET packaging.

The idea of this kind of packaging in the beverage industry is not new. In 2009 Coca Cola launched Plantbottle Technology in Japan. The technology also uses plants in the production process to reduce carbon the materials carbon footprint.

The Crystal brand says “We did our job producing and implementing a new bottle more environmentally friendly, now it is up to the consumers to crush the bottle after use and help to reduce the volume of the recycled waste”. Eco friendly bottle

The brand invites people to participate to projects involving recycling around Brazil. The country is considered as a leader in recycling in South America but has a very long way to go.

The marketing team from the Brazilian brand Crystal also came up with a great campaign that says “Crush it, make a wish and attract good vibes”. This slogan suits Brazilian culture. We love things where you have to make a wish.

It is inspiring to see more and more brands investing in sustainable packaging.

Click here to watch the video and understand more about the PlantBottle technology.




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