Movember mood

8 11 2012

Movember has started and I’ve been seen so many funny pictures on internet that I had to compile them and post the craziest Mo ever! Get inspired!

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What about you? Are you participating? Movember is funky, but remember to donate to the Prostate Cancer Foundation 😉


Papel reciclado X Papel novo

6 11 2012

Sabemos que reciclar papel evita a destruição das florestas, mas você sabia que a produção de papel reciclado também requer menos uso de agua e eletricidade?

De uma olhada nesse gráfico que você vai entender melhor.

Reciclar papel

Papel Reciclado vs Papel novo

Então galera, por favor recicle. Vale a pena proteger nosso meio ambiente. Vamos promover essa ideia divulgando o link dessa pagina! Valeu pela forca!

Divulgue esse link:

Movimento Gota d’Agua

5 11 2012

Vale muito a pena ver esse video.

Veja, compartilhe e acima de tudo ASSINE a petição do Movimento Gota D’Agua! Eu ja assinei. Vai la é rapidinho! Vamos proteger a Amazonia, vamos proteger nosso futuro!


5 11 2012

This video must me seen, shared and please help signing the petition.

This video was created as part of the Gota D’água (Drop of Water) Movement leaded by Brazilian celebrities. The campaign aims to stimulate the discussion on the energy development plan of Brazil. It also calls civil society to stand up against the Belo Monte dam, signing into a petition that the Movement did addressed to President Dilma asking for halting the dam’s construction.
Let’s be a drop of water in this wave of goodness in name of true sustainable development, and protection of human rights, indigenous rights and the forest!

Great recycling idea to do with your kids!

5 11 2012

Collect all the old coloured crayons chop them off and bake them in a mould with a funny shape. The picture below shows a little Valentines Day gift/card, but you can make it for many other occasions.

For example, you can give them as a giveaway in the next birthday party of your child. Kids will love it! New coloured crayons with a funny shape! Touch down!

Recyling colour pencil

Reciclagem é arte

4 11 2012

Gente olha só que legal esse trabalho com lápis de cera. Pode ser uma ótima ideia para reciclar os lápis de cera dos seus filhos 😉

Quando os lápis de cera já estiver bem gastos só aqueles toquinhos você pode colocar numa forminha e derreter todas as cores juntas. Fica bem legal. Isso também pode ser uma ideia legal para dar de lembrancinha em festas de aniversario. Aposto que as crianças vão se amarrar! Veja só a imagem abaixo.

reciclagem lapis de cera


4 11 2012

I’ve posted this DIY once, but it was in Portuguese. Many people asked me to post the English translation, so here it go! Happy DIY!


19 x 2-litre PET soda bottles; 1 broomstick; scissors; retractable knife; hole puncher; wire; hammer and nail


1st – Remove the label from the bottles;

2nd – Remove the bottom of the bottles using the knife;

3rd – Cut parallel lines (0,5cm) up to the top edge;

4th – Remove the neck of the bottles with the scissors;

5th – Make 17 bottles without the neck and one with it;

6th – Fit the 17 bottles one by one through the neck of the bottle with the neck;

7th – Cut the top part of another bottle and fit it on the top of the broom you just made;

8th – Make two holes and pass the wire through all the bottles;

9th – Fasten the ends of the wire on one side;

10th – Tie the base of the broom to the broomstick using two nails and your broom is ready!

DIY Broom

Broom made with PET bottles


Vida, espere. Não me cobre, tudo ao seu tempo, aos novos tempos.

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