Saving water and electricity

24 09 2012

Today I decided to write about how we can save water and electricity. These few tips are easy to incorporate to your everyday life and will also have an impact on your water and electricity bills.

Save water

Turn off the tap when brushing you teeth, washing your hair, shaving and soaping your dishes.

Checking for leak in the house is quite easy. Turn off all of the faucets, stop consumption and check to see if the hydrometer still spins. If it does, you are wasting water and money.

Did you know that watering the garden and plants early in the morning or evening prevents the water from evaporating? Not everyone think about that, but this is a great green tip.

I recently read that occasionally cleaning light bulbs in the house can help save energy and improve the lighting in your home up to 20%. Increasing lighting reduces the need for extra lamps and other light sources.

Save electricityDon’t leave the door of your fridge open for a long time trying to decide what to eat. The fridge uses a big chunk of the energy consumed in the home. In most homes around the world the refrigerator is the second largest user of electricity (13.7%), right after the air conditioner (16%).

Do you use your microwave as a clock? Leaving the machine on day and night even without using uses electricity. Leaving home appliances on stand by can consume up to 20% of the power used when they are functioning. Get into the habbit of switching off appliances at the socket or unplug them when the are not in use. When I use to live in Switzerland we had an extension led with a button that you could switch off all the appliances at the same time. Choose the best option for you and try to turn off your home appliances.

When washing your clothes make sure that you gather a reasonable quantity of clothes to wash together instead of a few items at a time. The same you can do when ironing. Personally I never iron my clothes, only if they really need it.

Wash clothes in cold water to save 90% of the energy. Avoid pre-washing to save energy. If your clothes are really dirty, you can soak them in detergent before turning on the washing machine. And why not use eco-friendly laundry products? Personally I never use the “Pre-wash” option and always use eco-friendly laundry liquid.

What are you doing to save water and electricity? Share your tips with us! It can help others to save too! You can also share your tips on our Facebook page!!!



2 responses

25 09 2012

Excellent tips Ana. So far we do not have water charges in Ireland and when they come we will need to know all of the above.

26 09 2012

You are lucky in Ireland for not having water charges! Even though you don’t have to pay for it, it’s important for the planet to save it 😉

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