Around the world eco-friendly glasses

23 06 2012

Being shortsighted, I wear glasses all the time.  Glasses are also a very fashionable accessory that we can match with our clothes, style and mood of the day.  I see lots of people using only the frames, without the actual glass.  Personally, I don’t really like that, but fashion is all about taste and thank God we all have different tastes!  I admit that mine are not eco-friendly, but when I bought them I didn’t know about these great ideas.  You can be sure that my next glasses will be ultra eco-friendly and trendy!

The Canadian brand ICU Eyewear offers eco-friendly reading glasses made from reclaimed plastic, recycled metal and sustainable bamboo.

Quite famous in the USA, the brand has received editorial compliments from some iconic fashion magazines such as ‘Vogue’,  ‘O’, the Oprah magazine and the National Geographic ‘Green Guide’.


And what if your glasses were made from timber?  Herrlicht is a German brand 

that offers wood frames crafted by hand.  Nice, original and trendy they have different styles and offer a range of wood such as maple, cherry, walnut and oak.  I also love their wood cases! So nice!


Have you ever thought about the amount of hair that we cut per year that goes straight to the bin?  

A British design company has decided to take action.  Can you imagine glasses made from human hair?

Yes, they did it!  Studio Swine has created an eyewear collection made entirely from human hair.

Very stylish and fashionable shapes that I really can picture myself wearing!  They have developed a chemical process using a bioresin that is entirely biodegradable and not harmful for the environment.  Trendy, cool and definitely eco-friendly!  We love that!


Available in Australia, Linkskin uses recycled material to make their frames. They also don’t use any soldering, screws or hinges to produce the frames.  The company provides a recyclable system; when you don’t use your glasses anymore, you can give them back to your optician for recycling. Isn’t it great? So let’s introduce the ‘go green’ attitude into our glasses too!




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